Hey there, I’m Sam! Nice to meet you.

I’m a twenty-two year old gal living a low-impact, vegan life in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  This blog serves as a place to document my experiences as I strive to make my life more friendly—for the animals, planet, and myself.

I began my ethical journey five years ago when I stopped eating meat. As a vegetarian, I didn’t notice a huge physical difference, but I felt way more at peace mentally. But then I started to learn about the dairy and egg industries. I had no idea that the animals were treated so horribly. I knew even less about the effects those industries had on our planet. After discovering the ugly secrets of the dairy and egg industries, I made the easiest choice in the world and transitioned to veganism.

Veganism goes hand-in-hand with environmentalism for many people, and I’m no different. After learning about the direct and indirect effects of animal agriculture on our planet, I found out more about the damage we’re doing to our planet. “Ignorance is bliss” was definitely true here. I felt angry and powerless after I understood the full extent of our destruction. And then I was afraid because no one else I knew seemed to care about it at all.

I’m now on a mission to make a difference by lowering my impact and inspiring others in the process. There are so many things we (consumers) can do to make a positive change in the environment. Whether that be through eating a plant-based diet, avoiding plastic consumption, or removing harmful chemicals from our lives, we can make a difference. Here, you’ll find my experiences as I strive to create an authentic and low impact life. I hope you’ll find inspiration, ideas, and motivation for your own.