• zero waste grocery shopping without a bulk store
    Zero Waste

    Zero Waste Grocery Shopping (without a bulk store!)

    I find grocery shopping frustrating on a normal day, but zero waste grocery shopping without a bulk store? How is that even possible? Well, it’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I have some solid zero waste strategies that help me decrease my waste while grocery shopping. While farmers markets do exist in Vegas, I don’t have time to stop at them every week. And although this city is big, we’re not cool enough to have a total bulk foods store, although my fingers are crossed that one may pop up soon. Until then though, this is how I shop for zero waste groceries without…

  • 7 ways to reduce food waste
    Zero Waste

    7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

    Food waste: we’re all guilty of it. But how do we reduce food waste? I know I often take the ready abundance of food I find in my fridge for granted. When I let a bundle of cilantro sit on the shelf too long, I toss it without a second thought. I don’t consider the nutrients it pulled from the soil, the water it required, the fuel used to store and transport it. I think only about its slimy leaves and the way they stink up my fridge as I throw it away. But I should be thinking about all those things. The food that we throw in the trash…

  • Kale sweet potato tacos

    Vegan Sweet Potato and Kale Tacos

    Sometimes it’s the middle of January, and you just need a little sunshine in your life. What better way to bring that sunshine in than through bright, Mexican-inspired flavors? Created from a caramelized onion base for depth of flavor, and packed with the nutrient powerhouses of kale and sweet potatoes, these vegan sweet potato and kale tacos are healthy and hearty and SEASONAL. Can it get better than that? Oh wait, it can. You can make a batch of the taco filling on the weekend and have tacos for the whole dang week because, like Jeff Goldblum, they only get better with time. While recently chatting with a coworker about…

  • zero waste road trip
    Zero Waste

    5 Steps to a Zero Waste Road Trip

    I often find myself on long stretches of highway. Living in Las Vegas gives me easy highway access to a lot of amazing places in the American West, and honestly, I’d be a fool not to take advantage of my location. However, I’ve noticed how easy it is to give into convenience while traveling. My good habits go out the window when I’m on the road because they simply take more time and thought than I’m willing to give. To solve this lazy traveling habit, I’ve used the steps below to work toward a zero waste road trip. But… And here’s the big but: no matter how many steps you…